Olympia Equine Ventures

Premier Hunter / Jumper Training and & Sales in Kansas City

Show Schedule

All dates and shows below are contingent upon availability of our riders, and thus subject to change.


Gulfport                                        February 10-23

March Madness Show                March 7

KJHA Topeka Horse Show         March 20-22

Omaha Horse Show                   April 14-19

White Fox Horse Show              April 25-26

Maffitt Horse Show                    May 6-10

Longview Horse Show               May 15-17

KJHA Topeka Horse Show         May 29-31

Mason City Horse Show            June 3-14

Parker Horse Show                      June 29-July 12

Valley Park Horse Show              July 22-26

OEV Show                                      August 8

Topeka Horse Show                     August 28-29

Omaha Horse Show                    August 31-September 6

White Fox Horse Show               September 25-27