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OEV School Horses


This tall, handsome boy is a favorite for all our riders and he loves to go horse show!


Yaeger is our goofball, who loves lounging with his friends outside and begging for horse cookies.


Darling Moon is the most recent addition to the OEV family and he spends his work days with the littlest of OEV riders.

Captives & Coke (Okie)

The OEV class clown loves treats, cuddles and hates wearing his blankets. His favorite hobby is napping, but is a wonderful teacher under saddle.


This sweet faced gelding does it all! He loves his tiny lunge line riders, but can turn on the glam and turn into horse show pony galore. He also loves to swim in the pond during the summer.

*He is roommates with Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes

The smallest OEV equine with the biggest personality; Twinkle is queen of the barn. She loves to go outside, and currently lives with Hersey.